Waikoloa Hotel

Waikoloa Hotel sits at the busiest session of Nanjin E. Road of Eastern District of Taipei City, and five minutes' walk from the Siping St. Shopping Area. Convenient traffic offers you an easy access to the Taipei World Trade Center, Breeze Center and the SOGO Department Store. Whether for a business trip or traveling, Waikoloa Hotel is very well-located.


Waikoloa Hotel is built with European noble style to create a elegant and classy design style. For many years, we emphasize a thoughtful, dedicated and considerate service attitude for every guest. The hotel also received 3+ stars in the star class evaluation from the Tourism Bureau. We will continue carrying out our client-oriented philosophy and offer a wonder stay.

大廳景觀 大廳花束 大廳景觀 大廳花束 會議室 餐廳景觀 餐廳景觀

Exposed to the deco design of Waikoloa Hotel, you would feel as if a graceful European aristocrat. While the design is classic, it gives out a sense of flamboyance. Luxurious light illuminations heighten the atmosphere, even the stitches of pillow embroiders are exquisite detailed. The vintage style furniture and wood television cabinet at the corner and nostalgic desk give out an exotic atmosphere. We truly believe that Waikoloa Hotel is your best choice for a business trip or travel in Taipei.