Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (IATA:TPE) Airport shuttle service, reservation required, Fee:
Pick-up :07:00-23:00 NT$1400 / 23:00-07:00 NT$1500 (Depend on the flight landing time.)
Drop-off:07:00-23:00 NT$1300 / 23:00-07:00 NT$1400 (From Hotel)
Terminal 1 - meet the driver in the front of the exit.
Terminal 2 - meet the driver in the right side of the exit.
**Please call (02)2508-0168 if you do not see our driver.
**Airport limousine service cancellation policy:

Any cancellation need to be made at last Three hours before the landing time, otherwise a cancellation fee would be charge to the company.

Credit card billing authorization statement need for deposit please give us the below information when you need transportation service:
name /departure/arrival time/flight number/How many passenger will take this car